Yoga for adults

Classes are based on Hatha yoga techniques. They are suitable for all ability levels but are particularly accessible for complete beginners.

During a class you can expect to begin with some gentle breathing work, followed by the main class focus. The class will always finish with a period of relaxation or a guided meditation, with the option of blankets and lavender eye pillows.

Various daytime, evening and weekend class options.


Restorative yoga

Restorative sessions use props to hold poses for longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching.

Bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks are used to support the body for a beautiful 90 minute relaxed session.

These classes frequently take place on Friday and Sunday evenings. Check the booking schedule for the next planned class. Only 6 spaces per session so booking is essential.


Family Yoga

A fun, informal session for all the family. Yoga skills are taught through a variety of stories and games.

Minimum age 2/3 years.

Frequently timetabled to take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Check the booking schedule for the next planned class.


Sun Salutation Flow

Beginning with a warm up and finishing with a lovely relaxation or guided meditation, the main body of these classes will be a 20 minute meditative flow through a Sun Salutation sequence.

Run fortnightly on a Thursday evenings.


Natural Postural Yoga with Sheree McGregor

Sheree’s yoga class will focus on developing natural postural alignment. Through the use of flowing movement, asanas (postures) and using the breath you will be able to improve the posture of your spine; re balance and strengthen your muscles, joints and ligaments; helping you develop your natural body alignment.

Tuesday evenings - 7.30pm - 8.30pm


Yoga with Zoe

Zoe Stone will lead you through a gentle, yet challenging Hatha yoga sequence, connecting your body with your breath.

Friday mornings.


Target Yoga with Chris

Chris is a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, specialising in lower back pain and injuries.

Each class will focus on either ‘Strength’, ‘Breath’ or ‘Flow’ to target a specific area or movement of the body.

Classes will be taught from the aspect of the beginner, with challenge available to more experienced practitioners.

Friday evenings - 6pm - 7pm

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